The Studio Workflow

Our team has distilled the pipelines created for hundreds of feature films
and TV shows into a customizable toolset, The Studio Workflow Suite.

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Submission Tools

Allows vendors to deliver validated files directly to production over our Cyclone transfer service or popular services such as AWS, Aspera On Cloud, Aspera Enterprise, Box, and studios’ custom transfer services. ​

Vendor Submission

Automate the submission process between vendors and productions.

Internal Submission

Streamline the submission process between internal production teams.

Onset Submission

Manage the complex files that come from Data Wranglers, LIDAR, photographers, and other onset teams.

Editorial Submission

Allow VFX Editors to quickly submit their Quick times needed for bidding and review.

Upload Submission

Allow Vendors to line up their Deliveries in smaller batches for Production optimization.

Ingest Queue

Automate the busywork of receiving submission and process incoming submissions as soon as they’re delivered.

Deliver to Vendor

Painless Cyclone high-speed delivery of Production files via automation.

Copy Delivery

Quickly gather all files needed for a Delivery via any transfer method.

Copy Publish Files

Make copies of files that have been logged in ShotGrid simply by selecting the Versions.

Import Media

Take a batch of media files and efficiently get it into ShotGrid.

Reveal Files

Conveniently select a Version and instantly go to the file on disk.

Review Syncing

Automate copying high resolution files to a screening room.

Editorial Syncing

Send files directly to Editorial after Ingest or approval by the supervisor.

Import Scans

Editors can bring their scan data from the Avid or Premiere into ShotGrid, assisting with lineups and automatically linking to Shots and Onset Metadata.

Scan Requests

Automate sending Scan data to a Pull House, including direct linking to popular systems such as Portal, Pulse, Synapse, and other cloud services.

Import Cut

Parses EDL information, compares against what’s already in ShotGrid, provides summary of changes and uploads information of changes to ShotGrid. Can include a Quicktime to facilitate review of non-VFX Shots.

Import Locators

Keep your latest editorial changes in sync between ShotGrid and Avid or Premiere.

DI Validation

Used to compare Editorial finals with Production finals before sending to DI.

RV Deployment Tool

Allow customized RV integrations on a per-user basis.

Color Tool

Automatically applies a customized OCIO config to allow unique color pipeline for each media format.

Framing Tool

Customize sizing and matting of EXRs to match MOV deliveries, allowing smooth interplay between each.

Annotation Tool

Empowers Supervisors to use Photoshop to do custom annotations as an alternative to RV’s built-in drawing tool.

Mini-Cut Tool

Supervisors can switch between playlists and RV-generated “cuts” without the need to ingest EDLs.

Localizer Tool

Adjusts ShotGrid paths for review environments where a server isn’t available or optimal (often used with Review Syncing tool).

Count Sheets

Customizable ShotGrid page and exported PDF & CSV templates supporting Scan and Turnover workflows.

Scan Sheets

Customizable PDFs and CSVs providing Vendors with on-set metadata from ShotGrid.

Breakdown Report

Customizable PDFs and CSVs with summaries for Shots, Sequences, Assets, Slates, and other commonly used ShotGrid entities.

Review Notes

Automate the busywork of receiving submission and process incoming submissions as soon as Export out notes and annotations as PDFs and CSVs for productions who prefer to send notes to Vendors rather than accessing them directly in ShotGrid delivered.

Custom Reports

Create original reports with complex layouts for Studios, Vendors, Producers, or others requesting data that can’t easily be exported directly from ShotGrid.

Support Desk

Conveniently create support tickets with [RE]DESIGN and easily upload screenshots, logs, and other files.

Hydration Tool

Balance cloud and server usage easily with file and folder drag-and-drop.

We adapt to fit your need

Our team has distilled the pipelines created for hundreds of feature films and
TV shows into a customizable toolset. Our bundle of Studio Workflow tools enables
powerful data management and production management functionality.

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